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Let this free and fun program teach your children how to type
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Typing is a very important skill, especially nowadays, when virtually every device can be used through a keyboard. This program allows children to learn how to type fast and accurately in an easy and fun way. It contains two typing games. In the first of them, Tux, the Linux penguin wants to eat every fish that comes from the sky, In order to do that, you need to type the letter attached to each fish. In the second game, a series of letters or words appear on the sky and you need to shoot them down before they touch your spacecraft. Both games have different difficulty levels, so they can be adjusted according to the kid's age and ability level.

The program also has 43 basic lessons that teach children the location of the different keys and help them to acquire typing speed and accuracy. It also includes a section where you can write complete phrases. In both cases, the program tells you what your typing speed is, as well as your average accuracy, and the errors you committed. Finally, you can edit the word list to delete or add more words and change the default language.

Although the program is free to download and use, you need to create an Alioth account and log in to download the installation program. Also, although Linux’s Tux penguin is the main character, the program is available in versions for Windows, Mac and, of course, Linux.

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